Tridoshas That Dictate Your Body Type

Understanding the body type takes you a long way in adapting healthy lifestyle and diet that works positively for the body

The science of Ayurveda works upon restoring the balance between mind, body and environment. And, the traditional medicine system that focuses on prevention works on the principle of understanding the body and its reaction to environment and the food we take.

Ayurveda divides people into three doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each of these body types have unique set of characters, which is determined through understanding the physical and mental traits of individuals. Be it diet, medicine, exercise or therapies – there is a need to understand the type of body in order to prescribe the ideal one. And, understanding which type of body you have goes a long way in adapting healthy lifestyle and diet that works positively for the body.

In other words knowing your dosha helps you to understand your body and its needs; In addition to health, it also helps in positively influencing your personal life; It helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle – the kind that suits you; And in case you develop a health issue or looking for a cure for your ailments – arriving at suitable treatment. Above all, it helps you plan your diet – the food you eat, what you must eat and what you must avoid in order to maintain balance and prevent illness.

Physical and Mental Attributes

A Vata body type person usually has fast metabolism. People with this Dosha are mostly thin and have dry skin. They are restless and active and light sleepers, and very often forgetful. They are sensitive, emotional and easily stressed. They are more likely to be creative. They are dictated by the elements of air and space.

Pita body type people are usually medium built. Dominated by fire element, they are warm and their high energy is dictated by the fire element. They love food and are blessed with good digestion. They have delicate skin and enjoy good sleep. They are passionate in everything they do, even if its only a talk. They can be loud, impatient and dominating. They are intelligent, ambitious and go-getters

Kapha body type people are usually heavy built with wide hips and shoulders. Thick wavy hair, good stamina will not stop them from enjoying their beautifu

Body Type

l sleep. Most often lazy and slow in activity, they have lesser appetite and can gain weight easily. Loyal and stable the Kapha body types are sentimental but not very emotional.  Fairly intelligent, they enjoy good company and rich and tasty food.

Each person reacts in a certain way to the environment, seasons, the way we live our lives and food we eat. The way you eat or lead your lifestyle influences the doshas and can lead to imbalance. It is important to maintain balance and the dosha an individual is born with. This ensures good health, both physical and emotional. For this to happen its important to eat well, and eat healthy and nutritious food. And, it is important to understand food that works best for your body. Ayurveda does give you a way forward in understanding the same, and lead you towards a healthy lifestyle.