Make Vegan Christmas Exciting

Vegan Christmas

Vegan Christmas is exciting with the right recipes on hand. Plus, if the food brands like those in the UK are as innovative, then its double whammy for vegan/ plant based food lovers

Eating meat is surely a habit that can be left behind to embrace vegetarianism and veganism. But, what about the tradition associated with it; especially when it’s Christmas. Even as more and more people are looking for meatless Christmas dinners, in countries like UK and the US food brands are rolling out products that will make Vegan Christmas exciting. In the UK, top food brands and super markets announced special menus and festive boxes packing in a whole lot of popular holiday specials in their ‘No Meat’ versions.

Vegan Christmas
M&S Range

The popular supermarket Aldi launched their Christmas range that includes soy-based No Turkey Crown with cranberry and chestnut stuffing wrapped in vegan bacon. It’s a complete festive menu including Vegan Gravy, No Pigs In Blankets, and a butternut squash and rosemary Vegan Festive Wreath.  The supermarket is going to sell the Vegan Christmas goodies from December 19. Vegan cheesecake and chocolate Tort slices complete the menu.

Mark & Spencer’s range includes more than 25 brand new dishes. It includes Plant Kitchen’s Vegan Duck Croquettes, made with shredded soya and a cherry hoisin sauce. Additionally, there are Mini Battered No Fishcakes, Mini No Chicken Kievs, and No Pork BBQ Bon Bons. M&S is stocking Vegan Selection Boxes with the Christmas must haves like triple cooked potatoes, vegan pigs in blankets and cranberry stuffing balls.

Plant Kitchen is also supplying to the stores Vegan Turkey Rolled Roast and more will be on offer in the coming days. Morrisons is yet another brand that is promising considerably large vegan menu – which includes Vegan Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese and Vegan Chilli No-Cheese Bites, Vegan Roast Joint with Herb and Onion Stuffing and Vegan Vegetable Wellington. Their No Duck Spring Rolls and Oven Roasted Mushroom Vegan Pâté are surely worth a try.

Vegan ChristmasFor those around the world who are not so spoilt for choice; if you wish to cook your own Vegan dishes, here are two websites we suggest you follow for Christmas Vegan Recipes

This is where you usually get innovative recipes and traditional recipes are revisited. As a vegan one can definitely try the cauliflower roast as an alternative to traditional roast. It is even rubbed with thyme for flavour.

Vegan food lover Kate puts together dazzling variety of vegan recipes and a huge bunch of them specially created for Christmas. She believes that any Christmas dish can be veganized.

Even though one can use plant based meat and other meatless options available in the market for your roast; Kate includes Seitan-based roast (from

by Melissa Huggins) that looks beautiful and appears extremely appealing in taste. The succulent roast is stuffed with Vegan Sourdough Bread Stuffing and topped with a subtly sweet glaze.