Plant Based Showcase at India Food & Nutrition Summit 2021


Thinking Forks Consulting in collaboration with FICCI is organising the virtual B2B event ‘India Food & Nutrition Summit 2021’ (IFNIS2021) from October 27 to 28, 2021. The event that has also partnered with the Ministry of Food Processing aims to showcase new age disruptive products, ingredient and process technologies and technological advances in the food and nutrition ecosystem that are striving towards healthier India.

IFNIS-FICCIWith India moving towards nutritious, chemical free food there are many existing food and nutrition companies and start-ups trying to make a difference with their innovative product profile. While this isn’t an exclusive plant-based event , the exhibitors at IFNIS2021 include start-ups and companies making ready to eat snacks, ready to cook food brands using healthy and natural ingredients, the new age dairy-free milk, manufacturers of ingredients used in vegan and plant-based food, technology providers, and even academic institutions.

A few of the exhibitors include Happytizers, a kids food & nutrition company – the company makes traditional and popular snacks in way that packs in health and goodness The products are available through retail outlets in five cities and on Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket etc.,

Symega Food Ingredients is in the business of developing and manufacturing ingredients used in cuisines from across the world. The company has recently developed a range of plant-based foods to provide for cleaner alternatives to conventional meat and dairy. The alternative  ingredient profile includes plant based meat developed from pea and lentil proteins, cheese and eggs from lentils and nut cream, milk from oats and rice. The plant based facility is at Kochi.

Piperleaf India is a vegan food company based out of Gurgaon. The company specialises in making introducing plant based chocolate and dairy alternatives and animal protein alternatives. The company calls itself ethically vegan and aims to educate people on benefits of eating plant-based food.

A few other plant-based food companies who will be seen at the summit include Wolsum Foods (Slurrp Farm) and Vahdam Teas.

The event is being held on Oct 27 & Oct 28. Visit for more details.

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