Diwali Recipes for the Vegan Indians

DIwali Recipes
PETA has been consistently advocating Veganism. Like every festival, this time too PETA Asia has curated a bunch of famous Indian sweets from Vegan0friendly netizens who have relooked at the must-have sweets that have been long associated with the festival of lights. These recipes are vegan, even healthy.
Disclaimer: The Content has been sourced form PETA ASIA in the interest of Veganism. Follow the links for recipes.

Gulab Jamun

Like most Indian sweet dishes, gulab jamun is traditionally made with dairy ingredients. However, this dessert is a must-have during Diwali, and like we all know by now, any dish can be made without harming animals. Vegan Richa’s recipe for vegan gulab jamun creates an indulgent dessert and is bound to impress guests at your Diwali feast.

Toasted Coconut Ladoo Balls

Fudgy soft balls of coconut heaven! These ladoo balls are made with coconut milk, cardamom, and coconut sugar.

Brown Rice Kheer

Every Indian household will be indulging in kheer this holiday season. It’s a sweet, creamy rice pudding topped with nuts and raisins. Usually, it contains white rice, but this recipe calls for brown rice, so you can make your treat a little bit healthier. We won’t say no to that second helping, then!

Mango Shahi Tukda

This is an exotic version of bread-and-butter pudding, featuring a mango and cashew cream sauce. Not only does mango make this dish look vibrant, it also gives it a distinctive flavor. We love how blended cashews make the best milk alternative.

Date Balls

This is the quickest and easiest sweet you can make for Diwali this year, and it’s healthy and gluten-free, too.


Quinoa Chivda

We love nibbling on food, like this spicy, crunchy mix of cereal, nuts, and spices. You can serve it as a side with your Diwali dinner or as a standalone snack. Warning: Once you start munching on this mix, it’s difficult to stop.

Vegetable Samosas

Samosas are traditional and tasty and make excellent appetizers. Make them with potatoes, onions, lentils, and shredded mixed vegetables, and to be really fancy, add some pine or pistachio nuts.