Virat and Anushka Sharma Will Bring In More Awareness to Alt-Protein – Sohil Wazir, Blue Tribe

Virat and Anushka

As brand ambassadors and investors at the Indian Alt-Protein Brand Blue Tribe, Virat and Anushka will bring in more awareness to the cause, says Chief Commercial Officer Sohil Wazir

Its big news in the Indian alt-protein sector. Actor Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli are now the brand ambassadors to the popular brand ‘Blue Tribe’. They have also announced their investment in the emerging company that currently has in its product range plant-based kheema, sausages, and momos. The couple has for long been advocating healthy living and planet-friendly lifestyle, and they are animal lovers.

VIrat and AnushkaSpeaking about the decision in a press announcement, Anushka Sharma said, "Virat and I have always been animal lovers. It's been years since we decided to adopt a meat-free lifestyle. The collaboration with Blue Tribe is a step to tell people how they can be more conscious and leave less impact on the planet by switching to a plant-based diet.”

"At the end of the day, I'm a foodie too. I want to enjoy the kind of food I love without leaving a huge carbon footprint. I know a lot of people feel the same way. This is why I believe, if we can have a lower dependence on meat, without short changing our taste buds, there is potential for a planet-changing impact. This is where Blue Tribe is proving to be a gamechanger, striking a perfect balance between food that's really tasty and good for the planet."

Sandeep Singh (Co-founder, Blue Tribe) said, "In India, over 60% of the people are non-vegetarian, and most people have no idea about the negative effects it has on the planet. The good thing is that we are becoming aware of what we eat, and we are grateful to Anushka and Virat for supporting Blue Tribe and spreading this message further.”

Virat and AnushkaSohil Wazir, (Chief Commercial Officer, Blue Tribe Foods) in an interview with Ayuve, shared, “You are aware that Blue Tribe is into plant-based meat. Through our marketing initiatives we are trying to reach out to more and more people and show how meat consumption is damaging the planet. We want to tell them there are meat-free alternatives that are similar in taste and texture. As part of our marketing, we have been taking on chefs who cook predominantly non-vegetarian food, and asking them to create recipes with our products. This continues to be our content building exercise. We are also available in Five-Star hotels’ menu and the recipes made using our products are named after Blue Tribe. We worked with Anahita Dhody for NDTV Food channel. Currently we are working with Chef Varun Inamdar for his very popular show ‘Get Curried’. People who are into vegan food already know us; it is the early adapters we want to reach out to.”

“In the West, several sports celebrities, and actors etc., have been endorsing alternate protein brands. There are brands like Beyond Meat and Impossible Meat reaching out to customers. Virat and Anushka wanted to invest in an Indian brand. When they approached us, we knew we would be able to make more people to understand to cut down on their meat consumption and adapt alternative meat on atleast few days of the week,” he added.

As brand ambassadors Virat and Anushka will surely amplify the brand voice. In addition the investment is a shot in the arm for the young company that is already a familiar name on the Vegan food shelves. “We have in our products Kheema and frozen Momos that are extremely popular. Soon we will be launching burger patties – both meat and chicken. We will also be launching Indian dishes. In 2-3 months, we will be launching our Kebabs. We plan to expand well into other cities of India,” Sohil shared the growth plans.