Top Brands Recreating Chocolates For The Vegan In You

Vegans nowadays not only have substitutes for yogurt, milk, and meat but also for chocolates. With new brands launching vegan chocolates, conscious consumers today are spoilt for choice. But did you know that even popular chocolate brands around the world are recreating their products and launching vegan alternatives for their loyal customers? Here are some of your favourite brands taking the vegan road.

Mars – Galaxy, Bounty and Topic


vegan chocolates

With an intention to cater to the growing vegan buzz, Mars became the first major confectionery company to launch vegan alternatives to milk chocolates. It took the step in the year 2019. The UK-based company first launched three flavours under its Galaxy chocolate line namely Smooth Orange, Caramel and Sea Salt and Caramelised Hazelnut. To these, it later added Crumbled Cookie and Smooth Mint making the total offerings into 5 plant-based alternatives. All the flavours are blended in hazelnut paste while the smooth mint flavour is blended in almond paste.

In January this year, the company expanded its vegan chocolate portfolio to Bounty and Topic chocolate lines. The milk chocolate in bounty alternative is replaced with almond paste. The Topic bar on the other hand is made using hazelnut paste.


Vegan chocolate

Stick, bar, truffle, assorted, dark, white, milk, caramel, the list of Lindt’s chocolate forms and flavours are endless. In addition to these varieties, the company launched vegan milk chocolate bars under the range HELLO last year in 2020 giving in to the ongoing vegan trend across the world. The Swiss brand launched three flavours namely Cookie, Hazelnut and Salted Caramel. All these flavours are made using oat milk. The bars are wrapped in cardboard in a bid to be eco-friendly and are available in 100 gms packages.


Nestlé KitKat V


Vegan Chocolate

Launched close to 9 decades ago, KitKat continues to rule the hearts of many around the world. Over the years Nestlé introduced numerous flavours of this chocolate-covered wafer bar and amused people. This time however the brand decided to give in to its fans’ requests for a vegan Kitkat. Hence making their wish come true, Nestlé announced the launch of its vegan version – Kitkat V, in June this year. The variation it says is the result of research and development it put in to bring its lovers a non-dairy chocolate innovation. It is made with 100% sustainable cocoa and the milk in the bar has been replaced with a rice-based alternative. Starting with the European countries the chocolate will soon be available on the shelves of other countries too.


Vegan Chocolate

Don’t we all love the Hershey’s Kisses, Cookie ‘N’ Creme Bar, Dark Chocolates and Miniatures? But what if we were to tell you that the American brand will no longer be making these products with milk? Yes, earlier this year (April 2021), the company announced its decision to discontinue the use of milk in all its products with immediate effect. It made this decision out of its concern for the environment, the company said. Hershey’s further added it will be making its chocolates using plant-based alternatives such as coconut cream substitutes. So, it is only a matter of time when you’ll see its chocolates become vegan friendly.