Madhura Rasa

Madhura Rasa

Ayurveda mentions that the perception of rasa as taste in any food item originates from water. This implies that all the tastes have a predominance of jala-mahabuta, the essence of …

Finding Real Food

Modern food sciences such as nutrition, biochemistry and dietetics emphasize molecules and calories and type foods as carbohydrates, fats and proteins. They give no credibility to the bioelectric energy within …

balanced diet

Balanced Diet According to Ayurveda

Traditional Indian meals – the thalis and the ones that used to be served on a banana leaf are all about balanced diet. According to Ayurveda, a simple formula to …

Satvik Food

Gita Hari Promotes Vegetarian and Satvik Food

Amongst the factors that influence the age-old culinary traditions are – health and wellness. In south of India, the Tamil Nadu Brahmin cuisine is largely Satvik – vegetarian that only uses ingredients that induce goodness and harmony in the body.