Very Good Butchers’ New Launch -Spicy Meat Balls

The Very Good Food' Company Announces New Innovative Products for Retail Release including plant based meat balls
  • The Very Good Butchers to launch plant-based Butcher’s Select Spicy Meatballs and Very Good Steak duo.

The plant-based food technology company,  announced two delicious additions to the innovative line of bean and vegetable based meats in the form of Butcher’s Select Spicy Meatballs and The Very Good Steak for retail and e-Commerce.

After the release of the Butcher’s Select line, we were thrilled by the high demand we received from the Mmm…Meatballs” said Mitchell Scott, co-founder and CEO of The Very Good Food Company. “The popularity of these products further proves what we already know: shoppers are craving delicious alternatives for all their favorite meat products, not just sausages and burgers. Winning the NEXTY Award for best frozen product with the Mmm…Meatballs confirmed that consumers want more variety that tastes like the ‘real’ thing. Additionally, as one of just a few plant-based steaks on the market, and even fewer available in stores, we’re driving home our mission of accessible plant-based options that actually taste great.”

Source: Business News Wire