CavinKare Adds Healthier Cheese to its Dairy Portfolio

cavinkare cheese

The protein-rich Cavin’s Cheese, touted to be healthier alternative made of pure cow milk, will be available in Tamil Nadu for now

FMCG company CavinKare expanded its dairy product range by launching protein-rich cheese under its dairy brand Cavin’s. Touted to be a healthier alternative made of pure cow milk, the cheese will be available in Tamil Nadu in Slice, Block and Spread formats.

The Block and Spread Cheese are priced at Rs 160 for 200g and Rs 120 for 180g, while the Slice Cheese will cost Rs 90 for 100g and Rs 400 for 480g. With this launch, CavinKare is planning to launch cheese in diverse exotic and indigenous flavours in all major markets across India and also become one of the top three players in consumer segment.

cavin's dairy products
Cavin's dairy product range

On the occasion, CavinKare Director-Retail Manuranjith Ranganathan said, “We are delighted to strengthen our cold chain offerings with the launch of Cavin’s Cheese, which is the first cheese-based product from CavinKare. Currently launching in Tamil Nadu markets, we will soon take the product to other key markets across India. With a strong and loyal consumer base for our brand, we are anticipating to grow into one of the top three players in this segment with this launch.”

Cavin’s is the umbrella brand for all dairy-based offerings from CavinKare. Its product range includes milk (toned, standardised, full cream and double toned), curd (made from toned, skimmed, double toned milks, diet curd and cup curd), butter, paneer (soft and diet versions), milkshakes (mango, banana, vanilla, strawberry, coffee, chocolate and kaju butterscotch; premium range - rajbhog, badam, gulkhand and rabdi flavours), buttermilk and lassi (mango, strawberry and original).

CavinKare also owns a flagship brand H-Milk under which it offers milk, curd, buttermilk, paneer and lassi made from pure cow milk, with no cream removed, sourced directly from farmers.