Ayurveda As Sādhanā

Dr Madhuri Patil completed her BAMS from the Smt. K. G. Mittal Punarvasu Ayurveda College, Mumbai, MD (Ayurveda Samhita & Siddhant), and she's been an Integrated medical practitioner, an Ayurveda physician and a consultant for over 25 years. She's based at Seawoods Navi Mumbai and also works as the co-founder of BitVedas.com. Her unique approach to restoration of health and healing is completely based on the foundational principles of Ayurveda. She recently did an AYUSH Talks session with the Center for Ayurveda Studies and we caught up with her for an interview as well…

Sophia: How did you become interested in Ayurveda?

Dr Madhuri: Things happened purely by chance. I can say, looking retrospectively, I was chosen.

Sophia: How can an ancient science like Ayurveda be applied to our modern lifestyles?

Dr Madhuri: Ayurveda is timeless wisdom about life and living. It tells us how to live healthily without causing destruction of the environment. These values are very relevant to modern lifestyles. 

Sophia: Tell us about BitVedas and what inspired you to start it?

Dr Madhuri: This blog was started for educational purposes, as well as for the people who may wish to connect with me for health and healing.

Sophia: What are some of the biggest health issues of today and how can we use Ayurveda to address this?

Dr Madhuri: The biggest health issue is wrong food and lifestyle choices which lead to chronic disorders for which modern healthcare has no proper cure.

Sophia: Who have been your gurus and inspirations along the path of Ayurveda?

Dr Madhuri: Acharya Charak of Charak Samhita, and the whole universe. My parents showed me the path and I am always grateful to them. 

Sophia: How does the science and philosophy of Ayurveda complement the science and philosophy of yoga?

Dr Madhuri: They complement each other because even though the paths are different, the destination is the same. 

Sophia: What are some of your favourite books on spirituality?

Dr Madhuri: Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogi Pramhamsa Yogananda

Sophia: Any advice for young practitioners and students who want to pursue a career in Ayurveda healing?

Dr Madhuri: Please learn the 73+ Ayurveda Siddhants mentioned in Brihat Trayi, as they are in Sanskrit. It is not a profession but a practice that lasts a lifetime. Ayurveda is a sadhana to be healthy.


For further information about Dr Madhuri’s work, visit BitVedas