Journey of ‘Allplants’ – From Rented Kitchen to One Million Meals

All plants Funding

UK-based food start-up ‘Allplants’ has made a major announcement. The company that has been passionately working towards creating plant-based recipes and awareness towards leading a healthy and sustainable life; has raised a record breaking 38 Million Pounds Series B funding.

allplants funding

The inspiring story of ‘Allplants’ goes back to 2016 much before conscious eating as a philosophy caught the imagination of people. Founded by Jonathan Petrides and his brother Alex Petrides ‘Allplants’ was an answer to the former’s search for vegan food. Thye began by cooking for friends and family and gradually moved towards supper clubs before launching the company. Today, ‘Allplants’kitchen has served around one million meals. Over the short period, the plant-powered food company has pioneered a revolution by creating innovative dishes and delivering them straight to homes across UK.

Speaking about the major funding on the official website, founder Jonathan Petrides gives a glimpse of the journey. “The ‘allplants’ family has come a long way in a short time. Back in 2016, three of us cooked the first meals in a rented kitchen space in East London, and shipped them to a handful of ‘trial customers’ (mostly friends and family!) across the country. Since then, we’ve grown to 170 teammates, and it’s only because of them that I have the privilege of writing this announcement.  Our team’s positivity, resourcefulness, sense of humour and shared love to strive for the truly spectacular have made this journey worth every late night, failed experiment, and immovable obstacles we’ve learned and grown from along the way.”

Over the years Jonathan has realised that plant-based food is not just for vegans, even non vegans and vegetarians and non-vegetarians prefer to eat the food because it is healthy. One of the reasons he prefers to call his customers plant-curious.

He shares, “We started with the belief that someone had to make it exciting and easy for people to enjoy plant-based meals. All our dishes are freshly prepared in our plant-based kitchens, frozen and then delivered straight to people’s homes on a subscription basis to consume when they wish, which also helps reduce food waste. Initially we thought we were going to be the preserve of vegans, but in our first year over 60 per cent of our subscribers were non-vegan and non-vegetarian people keen for an easy and convenient way to eat healthier food which was kinder to the planet.”

Jonathan says the funding will be used to inspire more plant-curious eaters, hiring more talent and towards creating more innovative dishes. Being a plant-based food consumer, the co-founder is tuned into the  needs of his plant-curious customers – who are on a rise with more and more people shifting to the healthier way of living.