Lil’ Goodness Introduces Prebiotic Milkshakes

lil goodness prebiotic milshake vanilla

The India’s first ready-to-serve prebiotic milkshakes are enriched with daily dose of essential nutrients to improve gut health and support immunity

Bengaluru-based food & nutrition brand Lil’ Goodness introduced its Prebiotic Break Shake line. These India’s first ready-to-serve prebiotic beverages will be available in vanilla and chocolate flavours.

The prebiotic milkshakes from Lil’ Goodness provide 3.10 g of protein per 100 ml serving and should be consumed within 6 hours of opening. Enriched with daily dose of essential nutrients including magnesium, calcium, potassium, Vitamin D and iron, these beverages help improve gut health and support immunity.

The Prebiotic Break Shakes are made from double toned milk, oats, natural prebiotic fibres, added vitamins & minerals and 40% lesser added-sugar. Priced at Rs 59 fr 200ml, these beverages can be bought from e-commerce delivery aggregators, grocery stores and modern retail outlets in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and select northeastern states.

lil goodness choco prebiotic milkshake
Chocolate-flavoured Prebiotic Break Shake from Lil' Goodness

In a statement, Lil’ Goodness Founder-CEO Harshavardhan S said: “Our market research indicated a significant opportunity in the breakfast segment, especially in beverages. With schools and offices reopening, we wanted to create a product that met the need of a healthy, convenient on the go beverage snack. We leveraged market insights to identify the most preferred flavors and the ideal price points. What makes it even more special is that its irresistible flavours offer growing kids the goodness of milk, thus addressing essential nutrition deficiency among children. For milkshake aficionados and health and wellness-seekers in general, Prebiotic Break Shake as a part of breakfast means a refreshing start to the day.”

More yummy flavours will be added to the prebiotic milkshake range in near future, to inspire more people to get their breakfast and snacks right. Lil' Goodness is known for its products – created especially for kids and teens – that ensure gut health and fortify micro-nutrients at affordable prices. The products include Pop-It gummies, prebiotic jaggery chocolates, prebiotic chocolates, yogurt and milk squeezies, teff products and B12 jaggery. The brand has a digital presence in nearly 14,000 locations across India.