Plant-based Protein Products From Mighty Foods

The taste and texture of these 12 ready-to-cook plant-based protein products – made from green gram, chickpeas and peas – resemble their non-veg counterparts

Food-tech plant-based protein company Might Foods introduced its first phase of retail products in Mumbai. The ready-to-cook frozen foods are all artisanal and handcrafted. These will enable a few restaurants in the HoReCa segment to turn into quick service restaurant kitchens.

mighty foods quesedilla

The newly-launched food items include Mighty Plant Fish Curry, Turkish Seekh Kebab, Dreamy Dimsums, Supreme Chilli Basil Spring Roll, Mighty Burger Patty, Mighty Plant Prawns in Black Pepper Sauce, Signature Kheema Samosa, Mighty Plant Kheema Bao, Grilled Plant Fish, Mighty Plant Kheema, Lucknowi Gulaoti Kebabs, Loaded Spinach Quesadilla and Mighty Plant Prawns in Thai Curry.

All these frozen foods are made from green gram, chickpeas and peas. Besides being cholesterol-free, these are rich in protein, amino acids and dietary fiber. They contain fewer allergens and lower GI distress triggering agents. Each recipe has been designed and curated in a such a way that the flavor and texture resembles its non-veg counterpart. The plant-based protein products can be ordered on the website of Mighty Foods.

mighty foods dimsums

Launching the ready-to-cook plant-based protein foods, Mighty Foods Founder-CEO said, “Rather than getting too caught up with simply catering to full-blown omnivores, we’re reaching out to early adopters, non-vegetarians and anyone who’s on the lookout for new options. With Mighty Foods, we’ve consciously chosen not to tell you to alienate yourself from your food choices, but give you healthier options.”

The Mumbai-based brand comes under FMCG company Freshezy, which makes frozen foods like springs rolls, samosas, tikkis, momos, etc. The new protein products are sealed in tamper-proof packs with cooking steps mentioned in detail. Dibyendu Bindal has wide experience in the food and beverage industry. He assisted in the launch of several restaurants and food ventures across the world and in India. He had set up Mighty Foods to help the young individuals in meeting their daily protein requirement.