Oat Milk Rides on the Ethical Living Trend

oats and oat milk

Thanks to the ethical living trend, non-dairy and plant-based milk sales, especially oat milk products, are on the rise in the recent past, especially in USA. Several brands are catching up on the trend and introducing new products.

Vegan Creamer Brand nutpods Launches Barista Oat Milks

California-based creamer brand nutpods is the latest to debut in the Oat milk segment. The plant-based vegan creamery company launched zero-sugar Barista Oat Milks, which are tailor-made for espresso drinks.

The new collection is available in Original Barista Oat Milk and Cinnamon Dolce Barista Oat Milk flavors. While the Original gives a smooth and creamy base to lattes, the Cinnamon Dolce adds a sweet spiced flavor to the drinks – with no added sugar per serving.

According to Alanna Coker, Customer Care Associate of nutpods, the two flavors have been designed specifically for coffee-lovers who like to make barista-quality lattes, cappuccinos and iced macchiatos at home. The new non-dairy vegan line is available in over 15,000 retail stores across USA and, on nutpods’ own website and Amazon. Though shelf-stable, the oat milks should be refrigerated after opening and consumed within 7-10 days.

The plant-based vegan sweetened and unsweetened creamers of nutpods, made from coconut and almonds, have been a craze in USA since its launch in 2013. However, the brand believes that the oat milks would draw more ethical-living and health-conscious customers who are looking for an alternative to soy, almonds, coconut and cashew milk.

For more info, visit: www.nutpods.com


starbucks new oat milk line
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A few days ago, international coffee chain Starbucks launched Iced Toasted Vanilla Oat Milk Shaken Espresso. The drink features a signature Blonde espresso shot mixed with Oat milk and infused with caramelized vanilla flavoring. This is in addition to the Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk and Iced Chocolate Almond Milk flavors available on the Starbucks’ ready-to-go vegan menu.

In 2021, the coffee brand launched bottled oat milk Frappuccinos (Dark Chocolate Brownie and Caramel Waffle Cookie). It teamed up with Swedish brand Oatly, to deliver the oat milks across its worldwide stores. Starbucks has been offering a variety of non-dairy beverages made with coconut milk (since 2015) and almond milk (since 2016).

For more info, visit: www.starbucks.com

Coca-Cola’s Simply

coca cola's simply oat milk line
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Last year, popular MNC The Coca-Cola Company debuted the plant-based segment with oat milk products under its ‘Simply’ brand. Available in Original, Vanilla and Creamy flavors, Simply Oat milks are gluten-free, lactose-free vegan beverages made with non-GMO oat extract, oat flour, cane sugar, natural flavors, sunflower oil and salt. They are designed to blend well with coffees like lattes and cappuccinos. Simply’s Alternative Dairy collection already includes Almond Milk range (Unsweetened Original, Original and Vanilla flavors).

For more info, visit: www.drinksimplybeverages.com


Swedish brand Oatly is considered the most popular player in the Oat milk segment in USA. The company’s market share in the US, in the total dairy alternatives category, went up to 6% in 2021-22 from 4% the previous fiscal.

It’s Oat Milk menu includes Barista Edition, Organic, Chocolate, Orange-
Mage and Vanilla flavors. It also offers an extensive Chilled Oat Milk, Oatgurt, Cooking and Ice-cream line.

During Oatly Group AB’s Quarter Two results, CEO Tony Petersson, had said, “The oat category is rapidly gaining market share and surpassing other crop categories in our key geographies. We believe a majority of the market is wide open for the taking.

While nearly 70% of plant-based milk consumers have joined the category in the last 2 years in Oatly’s key market, its “oat-based products are available across 65,000 retail doors and over 60,000 food service locations, including coffee and tea shops across the globe.”

For more info, visit: www.oatly.com