GoodMylk Is Now One Good!

goodmylk is now one good

The popular Bengaluru-based dairy alternative brand is launching 5 new products this year

Renowned vegan dairy brand GoodMylk has changed its name to ‘One Good’. Its Founder-CEO Abhay Rangan made an announcement to this effect.

“It's a big day as we change our name from Goodmylk to One Good. We've thought long and hard about what kind of company we want to be. Are we a plant-based mylk company? We're more than that. We've made all kinds of plant-based products affordable and accessible. And we want to do more. We want to be the most customer-centric plant-based company, ever. You can't find a company like us anywhere else in the world because solving for Indian needs requires an approach that is made in India, for India,” he said.

On the occasion, Abhay also announced that the brand would launch 5 new products this year – mylk with millets, summer drinks, chocolates, ‘plant-based something’ and ‘vegan deliciousness’.

Earlier in March, One Good introduced barnyard millets into its mylk. Apart from its neutral flavor and creamy texture, the barnyard millets are environment-friendly and indigenous to India. The summer drinks – buttermilk and mange mylkshakes – are hitting the market from today (March 19). They’ll be available through the end of summer.

In February, the erstwhile GoodMylk launched mini mylk chocolates, as Valentine’s Day special edition. In view of the tremendous response they received, the company is re-launching them, but as full-sized bars. The chocolate range includes Country Crunch & Butterscotch, Sea Salt & California Almond and Hazelnut. One Good entered into a pact with CARRA Chocolates to produce these chocolate bars.

The vegan dairy brand is also bringing out “totally next level” something in plant-based segment, which it likes to keep it a surprise until the launch. In the next few weeks, One Good is introducing 'vegan deliciousness' for soon-to-be vegans who are afraid of losing out on deliciousness.

Bengaluru-based One Good manufactures a wide range of plant-based dairy alternatives like oat milk, peanut curd, spreads, dips, butter, cheese and paneer. It recently acquired plant-based nutrition brand PRO2FIT. The products are delivered in Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi NCR.