IndAus ECTA to Benefit Indian Chefs, Yoga Trainers

australian pm khichdi

The IndAus ECTA deal enables 1,800 qualified Indian professional chefs and yoga trainers to work in Australia as Contractual Service Suppliers, annually

Last week, India and Australia signed an Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (IndAus ECTA), which would offer good employment opportunities for skilled professionals like chefs and yoga trainers. The agreement was signed by Indian Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal and Australian Minister for Trade Dan Tehan, in a virtual ceremony.

The IndAus ECTA is expected to generate more than 10 lakh jobs in India by boosting the bilateral trade in goods and services from $27 billion to $45-50 billion in the next five years. It will give lower duty access on Australian wines, almonds, lentils and certain fruits, besides 85% zero-duty access of Australia’s exports to the Indian market including coals, wool and meat, said a PTI report.

Under the IndAus ECTA, Australia will grant an annual quota of 1,800 qualified professional Indian traditional chefs and yoga trainers entering the country as Contractual Service Suppliers, provided they meet the eligibility conditions. They will get temporary entry permit and stay for up to four years, with possibility of extension.

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morisson celebrated the IndAus ECTA by cooking India’s favourite dish Khichdi. He took to social media and posted pictures of him making Khichdi. In his post, Morisson said: “To celebrate our new trade agreement with India, the curries I chose to cook for curry night tonight are all from my dear friend Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Gujurat province, including his favourite Khichdi. Jen, girls and mum all approve. ” Indian PM Modi reacted to this post saying “delicious”.