88% of Young India Faces Lifestyle Issues says Health Data

health data

Ayurvedic nutrition brand Kapiva's year-end heath data survey reveals that amongst the age group of 25 - 45, 88% are facing lifestyle issues and on an average there are atleast three issues per person  

Kapiva, a modern and accessible Ayurvedic nutrition brand has released a year-end health data survey in collaboration with market research platform CrownIt.

The survey was done across Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad & Kolkata – 10 cities together and the data revealed that 88% of the people amongst the age group of 25-45 are facing one or other lifestyle issues such as digestion, acne, hair fall, weight management or stress with an average of 3 issues per person.

Speaking about Kapiva, founder Ameve Sharma, says, “Lifestyle issues are very common these days amongst millennials but it is crucial for us to understand the root cause and the depth of the impact to solve it. With this survey, we want to help millennials realize the potential of Ayurveda and how easily they can adopt it in their daily routines for a better lifestyle. We want to enable them to break through stereotyped perceptions of Ayurveda and are happy to see that a majority of people have already started taking their steps towards it. Our endeavor would be to keep innovating our offerings and make them as convenient to use as possible to drive widespread adoption.”

The health data survey surely confirms the fear that as a country India may not be so high on health, despite the quick fixes and dietary changes done by many post Covid.

Kapiva is a brand that’s endorsed by fitness enthusiast and healthy lifestyle advocate actor Malaika Arora, who is a brand ambassador and investor as well.

Here’s what she says about the effect of pandemic on our life style, “The pandemic changed our lifestyle in numerous ways. If we look closely, we can see its impact on both our physical and mental health. I strongly believe that we can all take proactive steps for a holistic lifestyle and to achieve that Ayurveda is my go-to solution. It is exciting to see people adopt this practice and I want to do my bit in encouraging more people to try it.”

Here are a few highlights from the year-end health data survey by Kapiva based on people’s view of the ancient science:

  • There’s a significant uptick (95%) in the awareness and willingness to adopt Ayurveda
  • Lucknow faces hair & gastric concerns the most, while Kolkata deals with stress
  • Health data suggests close to 90% of people believe that Ayurveda has no side effects 
  • 4 out of 5 believe that Covid has increased their willingness to embrace Ayurveda
  • Critical illnesses like blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar/diabetes, liver health issues, and heart disease are directionally higher in top metros and among heavy smokers and drinkers.
  • Digestive issues are more common in married people vs others.
  • Women are more prone to hair and skin issues and for the same, they prefer ayurvedic solutions.